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Kinetik firmly believes in establishing and maintaining relationships with

landowners and mineral owners during and after the leasing process.

Using prompt mobilization skills, comprehensive data and research, and swift negotiation abilities allow us to produce results for our clients during these critical stages of the development process.

Marketing:  Rather than waiting for the oil and gas company to knock on your door with a low starting offer, we can use our industry knowledge and connections to seek out and secure the best lease at the best rate for your property.  This strategy is most effective when mineral owners work together as a group – for more information on Landowners Groups please contact us @


Landowner Groups: The old adage, “there is strength in numbers,” is certainly true when it comes to leasing oil and gas rights.  All of the best deals that you may have heard about in neighboring counties or states typically come from Landowner Groups.  We can help you organize with your neighbors and market your properties as a large group so that you can receive the best lease and the best rate possible.

If you hit the lottery they may ask you to choose between the up-front lump which is less than what you won OR the annuity which will give you all your winnings but over the course of many years.  The answer to this choice varies from person to person based on their opinions and current situations.  Having producing minerals or royalties is similar to this scenario.  If you would prefer to have a lump sum up-front we can help you secure this payment by selling off all or a portion of your minerals or just the royalties from your current lease.


Mineral/Royalty Interest Purchasing

Landowner and Mineral Owner Services

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