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Kinetik Resources and Connected Land Technologies have partnered together to take land services reporting beyond the traditional excel spreadsheet everyone has  been using over the past decade.


Kinetik will deploy cutting edge software on all of our projects to control the common problems that arise when an E&P company works with a broker. No longer will you find yourself asking:


  • Where’s my title at?

  • When will it be complete?

  • Can you complete this on time?

  • Can you stay within budget?


As our abstractors complete each task Connected Land Technologies’ system will report our progress automatically, giving you the information needed to make informed decisions in an instant! No more guesswork! Your management team will be in complete control of the title process every step of the way. Every bit of data can be measured, tracked, recorded and reported to our clients in the way they want it, in real time. Our clients will have 24 hour access to real time reporting as part of our service. Please contact us to schedule a demo of how Kinetik Resources and Connected Land Technologies  are changing the way title is being done.


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